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    Matches 101 to 150 of 318

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    101 2nd son HORSLEY, George (I40)
    102 2nd son HORSLEY, Richard (I287)
    103 2nd son. HORSLEY, James (I1368)
    104 2nd youngest child. HORSLEY, Hannah (I956)
    105 3rd Oct 1601 Robert paid two shillings and sixpence for 'fredome' of the town. 1st Sep 1617 he was unfranchised at his own request. HORSLEY, Robert (I92)
    106 3rd qtr. HORSLEY, Mary Ann (I1925)
    107 3rd qtr. HORSLEY, Matthew Henry (I1968)
    108 3rd son. HORSLEY, Robert (I153)
    109 3rd son... from P reg.

    1861 census Hpool.
    54 Pump St.
    Thomas Horsley, head, 60, pilot, bn Hpool.
    Jane " wife, 60, "
    Ellen (sic) " d. 25 , unM, "
    John " s. 22, unM " 
    HORSLEY, Thomas (I42)
    110 4th qtr HORSLEY, Ann ELizabeth (I2002)
    111 4th qtr. HORSLEY, Frances Coulson (I29)
    112 4th qtr. HORSLEY, George (I2235)
    113 4th son of his parents (PR baptisms).

    1841 Hpool census, in Bedford St.

    Wed in St Hilda's, witnesses George Corner and Maddison Horsley, all signed with X. 
    HORSLEY, William (I32)
    114 5th son.

    1851 census pilot and deputy registrar,
    1861 and 81 shipowner.
    1861 at Albion terrace, has servant Hannah Davison 18 yrs bn Stockton.
    1881 census with his son in 2 Albion Terrace aged 72, shipowner.
    son Matthew Horsley, widow, 39, jeweller, bn Hpool.

    25 April 1861 Will of John Heron fisherman of Hartlepool proved (effects under 20) died 23 April 1860 at Hpool. proved at Durham by the oath of Matthew Horsley shipowner of Hpool. sole executor.

    1860 part owner of "Lancet" 227 tons built on the Wear; and "Mary and Emily" 203 tons built Tees>

    1892 Matthew and (his son) George Horsley owners of ship SS "Hesper" of West Hartlepool brought an action against Baxter Bros. of Dundee and others. 
    HORSLEY, Matthew (I841)
    115 6 month at 1891 census. HORSLEY, Jacques (I1998)
    116 8 Nov 1968 Mary A. Edmett, of 5 Vane Street, age: 80, widow HORSLEY, Mary Alice (I14)
    117 9 July 1855: Marriage Cert: district Houghton le Spring at the parish Church of Hetton Le Hole, Co Durham. between: Richard Catherine age 20 bachelor, joiner of Easington lane, X his mark. son of matthew Catherine joiner. Alice Penman Hopper age 20 spinster of Easington Lane, X her mark. d/o John Russell Hopper, stone mason. witness: John Smith, George Emmerson. By Banns by J.S.Nichol rector. Family F208
    118 A Laura appears in PRO index 1st qtr 1888. HORSLEY, Laura (I2508)
    119 abodes:
    1836, 1841 Low Town; 1841 Hoods Yard; 1851 Shepherds Yard; 1861Southgate St.

    1861 census: Southgate St;
    John Horsley, head, M. 62, pilot and parish clerk. bn Hpool.
    Jane " wife, 57 "
    George Horsley, son, unM. pilots assistant. "

    1866 Pilot (son George's marriage cert) check this death identity, (stated as a pilot at his son George's marriage 30 July 1866). 
    HORSLEY, John (I838)
    120 According to the memory of Dorothy Ann Horsley, Mary married Jack Kelly. However 1881 census shows her at 3 Bedford St. with husband Micheal Kilby. HORSLEY, Mary Robinson (I28)
    121 adopted HORSLEY, James (I2124)
    122 age 1 yr. HORSLEY, Alice Shepherd (I2173)
    123 Aged '34', of Troy St. Hartlepool. Drowned at sea from 'Harvest Home' 29 Oct 1884. Occ. fisherman. HORSLEY, James (I1721)
    124 aged 30 at marriage. HORSLEY, George (I952)
    125 aged 52 and a widow in 1891 and aged 64 in 1901. Living at 2 Hill's Court, Hpool with his daughter Elizabeth and son in law John W Bates shipyard engine worker. His baptism is not in St Hildas PR. HORSLEY, George (I1953)
    126 aged 81 HORSLEY, Ann (I843)
    127 aged 85 LACKONBY, Margaret (I899)
    128 aged about 30 HORSLEY, Micheal (I165)
    129 Albert Beresford Horsley CBE, QC (2 January 1880 19 November 1923) was an English cricketer. Horsley's batting and bowling styles are unknown. He was born in Hartlepool, County Durham.

    Horsley made his debut for Durham in the 1897 Minor Counties Championship against Norfolk. He played Minor counties cricket for Durham from 1897 to 1905, making 20 Minor Counties Championship appearances. He later made added a further appearance for Durham in the 1914 Minor Counties Championship. He played in a single first-class match in the 1904 season for London County against Warwickshire. He batted once in the match, scoring 24 runs in London County's first-innings before being dismissed by Willie Quaife. With the ball, he bowled a total of 5 wicket-less overs.

    In late 1906 he was listed in the London Gazette as a Land Tax Commissioner for County Durham. In 1920, he received a CBE for his services in the war as a Deputy Director of Recruiting for the Ministry of National Service.

    He died in West Hartlepool, County Durham on 19 November 1923. Horsley had a son, Rupert, who played first-class cricket for Oxford University. 
    HORSLEY, Albert Beresford CBE (I1408)
    130 Alnwick Library. L929.2 "Northumberland Families" Vol 1, W. Percy Hedley 1968, Soc of Antiquaries of Newcastle on Tyne. p. 164: Christopher Clavering of Callaly, killed on 2 Apr 1517; eight days later Edward Horsley of Screnwood came to the Cathedral Church of Durham and sought immunity (one had to grasp the door knocker...HN) for felinously striking Clavering upon the head and in other parts of the body with a sword at Goorfen (Gosfen?), between Morpeth and Horsley, from which he died on the same day. In 1592 a special pardon was granted to Edward and Christopher (1095) Horsley for the murder of John Carr of Hetton and Christopher Carr Clavering . (ss.5.p74). HORSLEY, Edward (I1012)
    131 Also known as "Smokey Hossler" after his father. HORSLEY, John William (I162)
    132 Another transcriber has: Elizabeth ..r.. (4 letters undesciphered)
    in contrast to 'Isabell Darnell' that the LDS find. This needs checking further. 
    Source (S144)
    133 Appointed 'aletaster' to Hartlepool 1659.

    1674, Buried 'John Horsley, an old man'. 
    HORSLEY, John (I79)
    134 approx. HORSLEY, Anne E (I1401)
    135 approx. HORSLEY, Hester (I1402)
    136 At death was "of Town Wall". HORSLEY, John (I908)
    137 At York Place, Hartlepool 1869.

    1881 census Hpool:
    9 Bedford St.
    Matthew Horsley, pilot, 48 bn Hpool. Head.
    Hannah " 43 " " wife
    Robert " boat builder 18, bn Hpool, son.
    Anne E " 17 " dau.
    Matthew " " " 16 " son
    Thomas " scholar 12 " "
    Hester " " 9 " dau.
    William H " " 6 " son
    Isabella " 3 " dau
    Joseph " 1 " son. 
    HORSLEY, Matthew Hunter (I970)
    138 Banns read in Hartlepool 19 Mar 1780 POTTS, Elizabeth (I131)
    139 bapt. entry: "Willyam ye son of John Horsley, base begotten" HORSLEY, William (I82)
    140 Bapt. not in St Hilda's. POUNDER, Mary (I918)
    141 Bapt. not in St Hilda's. HORSLEY, James (I936)
    142 bapt. not in St Hilda's. NANSON, Susannah (I1609)
    143 Baptisms, Sunderland District - Record Number: 219092.0
    Parish/Church: Sunderland (Holy Trinity)
    14 Nov 1810 William Nell, born 14 Oct 1810, fourth son of Thomas Nell (mariner, native of Brightelmstone) & Elizabeth Horsley (native of Hartlepool) 
    NELL, Mary Jane (I183)
    144 Baptisms, Sunderland District - Record Number: 219092.0
    Parish/Church: Sunderland (Holy Trinity)
    14 Nov 1810 William Nell, born 14 Oct 1810, fourth son of Thomas Nell (mariner, native of Brightelmstone) & Elizabeth Horsley (native of Hartlepool) 
    Family F895
    145 Became Royal Navy officer, died at Portsmouth. (letter JL) HORSLEY, Robert (I1400)
    146 Birth Cert: reg district of Houghton le Spring, sub district Hetton le Hole, Co. Durham:
    Born 27 march 1866, Dorothy Ann, father Richard Cathrine joiner at colliery workshops, mother Alice Cathrine formerly Hopper, X the mark of Alice Cathrine mother of Middle Rainton, reg. 5 Apr 1866, John Elliott registrar.

    Married 2nd qtr 1884, recorded as Catron; abode was Haswell Moor.

    Middle Rainton, her birthplace has now vanished,; it was demolished and a dual carriage way now runs across the site. I photographed the village in the late 1960's as it was cleared away under T Dan Smith's infamous "category D" orders, the site is now covered by a dual carriageway. 
    CATHERINE, Dorothy Ann (I13)
    147 Birth not found in Hpool register. HORSLEY, Robert (I2972)
    148 birth not in Hartlepool reg. her parents recorded at Richards bapt. POUNDER, Elizabeth (I284)
    149 birth not in indexes HORSLEY, Francis Robinson (Bass) (I30)
    150 bn 1851 acc to 1881 census. HORSLEY, Hannah (I299)

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