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    Matches 201 to 250 of 318

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    201 Hpool register of apprenticeships: Ralph Horsley barber app. to Wm Richardson for 7 yrs from 19 feb 1752 and enrolled by Micheal Harrison on 12 Apr 1756. HORSLEY, Ralph (I1610)
    202 I find no trace of this couple subsequently in Hartlepool reg. POTTS, Elizabeth (I131)
    203 I recall a tall, slender and pale girl. HN
    HORSLEY, May (I22)
    204 illegible entry Ann (I2010)
    205 Illegitimate at baptism. HORSLEY, George (I381)
    206 In my copy of register by W. Boagey, next to this entry is: (illegit?). HN HORSLEY, John (I837)
    207 in the Croft 1837 HORSLEY, Isabella (I295)
    208 In the Croft 1841.
    Unmarried aged 20 in 1861. 
    HORSLEY, Nancy Pounder (I296)
    209 in trans. of PR index but not in p97! HORSLEY, Eliza (Elizabeth?) Ann (I885)
    210 info of death by phone from Michael Elliot HORSLEY, Richard (I3319)
    211 interred in churchyard HORSLEY, George (Merry) (I26)
    212 is this same as ID 381? HORSLEY, George (I1732)
    213 John described as John Horsley junior at bapt of his d. Ann in 1674. HORSLEY, John (I73)
    214 John Horsley of Horsley HORSLEY, John (I139)
    215 John St. HORSLEY, Margaret (I371)
    216 John St. with Thornton Bulmer 1851, died aged 84. COULSON, Margaret (I150)
    217 John Thomas Broom, stoker, RNVR, aged 19, of 7 Alfred Street, Hartlepool. lost on Queen Mary at Jutland (from a WW1 web site).
    I'm confident that this is Dorothy's boy friend and 'intended'. His brother was Joe Broom, older than John.
    From Hartlepool Mail, May 2016: John Thomas Broom, Stoker, aged 19, who was the son of John and Eliza Maria Broom of Alfred Street, Hartlepool; HMS QUEEN MARY.
    From Hartlepool History Then and Now, website:
    Roll of Honour
    Hartlepool seafarers lost at sea
    Broom, John Thomas
    Rank(s) : Stoker
    Address : 7, Alfred Street
    Town/Country of birth : Hartlepool
    Date of birth : 1/8/1896
    Date of death : 31/5/1916

    John Thomas Broom was born on August 1st 1896 in Hartlepool and was the son of Hartlepool born John Broom and his wife Eliza Maria, nee Shipp. Eliza had come to Hartlepool in the late 1870s with her parents Jonathan Joseph Shipp and his wife Arabella who were natives of Bristol. Jonathan was a boilersmith on the 1881 and 1891 census returns and their three children, including Eliza, had all been born in Bristol.

    Eliza Shipp married John Broom in Hartlepool in 1895 and the couple had 8 children, John Thomas being the eldest, and all 8 survived young childhood. John Broom was a rivetter and in Alfred Street West Hartlepool in 1911, 14 year old John Thomas was an errand boy.

    John Thomas was lost on HMS Queen Mary at the Battle of Jutland in May 1916. His parents at their Albert Street address were informed of their son's death.
    HORSLEY, Dorothy Ann (I8)
    218 June 1783 eruption in Iceland

    In June 1783 the Laki volcano in Iceland began to erupt, producing in the months that followed clouds of volcanic gases 80 times greater than in the Mount St Helens eruption of 1980.

    The impact of the gases on the climate was far-reaching - in the eastern United States the winter of 1783-84 was almost 9 degrees (Fahrenheit) colder than average, and icebergs floated down the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Half of the horses and cattle, and three-quarters of the sheep on Iceland died, but the death and destruction was far more widespread.

    It has been estimated that 23,000 people died in England as a result of the eruption - in parts there were twice as many deaths as in a normal summer - and some historians believe that as many of 5% of the French population died in a single year.

    Perhaps the next time you're searching parish registers you'll look particularly closely at the burials register for the summer of 1783. 
    Family F10
    219 known as Ellen HORSLEY, Eleanor (I974)
    220 L 929.2 Alnwick Library "Northumberland families" Vol 1 W.P.Hedley 1968 p148. John Delavel wed Margaret de Mitford Sep 1385, their daughter Elizabeth married "Apprentice to the Law" John Horsley, son of John Woodman. (Mitford 3m west of Morpeth) John Horsley after aquiring in 1413 a messuage, croft and eleven and a half acres in Horsley he adopted a territorial designation from that place. John Horsley's descendants, who adopted the name Delaval, were led to, or preferred to believe that their ancestor was a scion of the knightly family of Horsley of Outchester, parish of Bamburgh; on the strength of this belief they quartered the arms of these Horsleys with the maternal coat of Delaval. HORSLEY, John (I1014)
    221 L929.2 Alnwick Library "Northumberland Families" Vol 1, Hedley 1968.: p236 has full details of Gospatrick1st , 2nd, and 3rd of Northumberland, refs. to Kings of Ireland, Wessex and Scots. (ref Wagner, "English Genealogy" p 24). Cospatrick is related to these via Crinan and St Columba's kin. Descending to Cospatrick de Horsley, Alexander his son, Chilinchet his brother and William his brother, in 1151 and 1166 witnessed ownership of the church of Eglingham to the Abbey of St.Albans. ( Edlingham %M NW of Alnwick) DE HORSLEY, Cospatrick (I1019)
    222 Lee is rare,one before 1837. George H Lee, nephew. age 26. 1891 Hpool census. Catherine H Lee neice. age 24 " George H Lee nephew. age 15 " all living with Catherine 1891. and bn Hpool. ATKINSON, Catherine (I380)
    223 left Hartlepools hospital and vanished on sea promenade. HORSLEY, Thomas (I961)
    224 Left Hpool aged 21 in 1895;
    In Feb 1967 he was living at 4 Percy St. Middlesbrough with Mrs J P Long (his daughter in Law, sic) ref letter of Feb 1967. Still alive in Middlesbrough Feb 1967. from letter from Mrs Larter (his gt neice) 1967 
    HORSLEY, lorraine (I963)
    225 linked with this group because of middle names. HORSLEY, Mary Jane Shepherd (I2634)
    226 living with parents 1891 aged 26, single. HORSLEY, Thomas (I1348)
    227 Local records Nld & Durham 1865, Alnwick Library.: p72: Thomas Horsley, Mayor of Newcastle 1514, 1519, 1524, 1525, 1533, endorsed a grammar school free for Newcastle History of Newcastle and Gateshead by R Welford p173 Muster of those able to bear arms in Newcastle in 1539: 1st. Ward: Mr Thomas Horsley, alderman, himself, three servants with jakes, three sallets, a bow and a bill. The Gowner Tower: Barnard Horsley, his servant, a bill. HORSLEY, Thomas (I1032)
    228 Maddison was the third son of his father George Horsley and his wife Elizabeth Pounder.
    Maddison is rare in Hpool, we find Mr John Maddison witness at three marriages in 1766 and father of Elizabeth bapt 1765 Hpool. He was c. 70 yrs old in 1809 when Maddison Horsley was born; perhaps he helped the family in some way.

    M.H. in census 1841 head of house Chapel St.
    1851 at 24 Chapel St.

    1861 pilot of 71 Duke St.
    1861 census ha:
    John Masterman, boarder 67 widower, weaver, bn Bagley, Yks. Maddison Horsley 72. boatman, bn Hpool
    Hannah Baker daughter. M. 30.

    1881 census Hpool, 15 Duke St. 
    HORSLEY, Maddison (I290)
    229 marriage number 19 in marriage register book of district. 1st. December 1861. William Nicholson, 25 years, bachelor, joiner of Duke St. Hpool. son of Michael Nicholson master builder. Mary Boagey, 22 yrs, spinster, of Duke St. Hpool. d. of Johnson Boagey sea pilot. According to the rites of United Free Methodists by John Hargreaves, Minister witness: Thomas Pounder, Jane Pounder; Edward Spence registrar. (all written in the hand of E. Spence) Family F60
    230 Marriages, Hartlepool District - Record Number: 146238.1
    Parish/Church: Hartlepool (St. Hilda's)
    21 Dec 1884 John Horsley, of 3 Bedford St., Hartlepool, age: 21 (bachelor, Fisherman), son of George Horsley (Fisherman) married Eleanor Hunter, of Pratt's Passage, Hartlepool, age: 19 (Spinster), daughter of William Hunter (Fisherman, deceased), married by banns
    Witnesses: John Pounder, Elizabeth Hood 
    HORSLEY, John William (Smokey) (I31)
    231 Marriages, Hartlepool District - Record Number: 146238.1
    Parish/Church: Hartlepool (St. Hilda's)
    21 Dec 1884 John Horsley, of 3 Bedford St., Hartlepool, age: 21 (bachelor, Fisherman), son of George Horsley (Fisherman) married Eleanor Hunter, of Pratt's Passage, Hartlepool, age: 19 (Spinster), daughter of William Hunter (Fisherman, deceased), married by banns
    Witnesses: John Pounder, Elizabeth Hood 
    Family F557
    232 Marriages, Hartlepool District - Record Number: 146484.1
    Parish/Church: Hartlepool (St. Hilda's)
    26 Sep 1891 Thomas Horsley, of Bedford St., Hartlepool, age: 23 (bachelor, Labourer), son of Matthew Horsley (Pilot) married Mary Ann Graham, of Lumley Square, Hartlepool, age: 18 (Spinster), daughter of James Richard Graham (Moulder, deceased), married after banns by Edwin R. Ormsby
    Witnesses: Esther Horsley, Charles Gray 
    Family F893
    233 Marriages, Hartlepool District - Record Number: 146614.1
    Parish/Church: Hartlepool (St. Hilda's)
    17 Mar 1878 William Hastings, of Croft Terrace, Hartlepool, age: 29 (bachelor, Fisherman), son of Matthew Hastings (Fisherman) married Mary Jane Horsley, of 3 Bedford St., Hartlepool, age: 20 (Spinster), daughter of Thomas Horsley (Fisherman), married by banns
    Witnesses: George Horsley, Robert Walker 
    HORSLEY, Mary J (I383)
    234 Marriages, Hartlepool District - Record Number: 146801.1
    Parish/Church: Hartlepool (St. Hilda's)
    12 Jun 1845 George Herring Horsley, of Hartlepool, age: 25 (bachelor, Fisherman), son of John Horsley (Fisherman) married Isabella Robinson, of Hartlepool, age: 21 (Spinster), daughter of William Robinson (Labourer), married by Robt. Hamilton, by Registrar's Certificate
    Witnesses: James Tindale, Henry Holt 
    Family F104
    235 Marriages, Hartlepool District - Record Number: 147509.1
    Parish/Church: Hartlepool (St. Hilda's)
    18 Oct 1856 Thomas Horsley, of Hartlepool, age: full age (bachelor, Fisherman), son of George Horsley (Fisherman) married Mary Jane Nell, of Hartlepool, age: full age (Spinster), daughter of William Nell (Pilot), married after banns by Wm. L. Broughton
    Witnesses: John Hood, John Horsley 
    Family F58
    236 Mary Yeal aged 75 HORSLEY, Mary (I902)
    237 Merged 06/10/2005 19:23 Source (S218)
    238 Monuments, Hartlepool District - Record Number: 173.15
    Location: Hartlepool
    Cemetery: Old Cemetery (a.k.a. Spion Kop, Borough, or Hart Warren)
    Denomination: any
    Section: A13
    2 Dec 1895 George Horsley, of Hartlepool, husband of Alethea Ann Horsley, Ship Owner, born 2 Dec 1836
    21 Sep 1927 Alethea Ann Horsley, wife of George Horsley, born 28 Jan 1840
    20 Jan 1871 Frederick Berry Horsley, son of George Horsley & Alethea Ann Horsley, born 19 Dec 1869
    22 Oct 1874 George John Horsley, son of George Horsley & Alethea Ann Horsley, born 10 Aug 1868
    23 Oct 1876 Ernest Berry Horsley, son of George Horsley & Alethea Ann Horsley, born 23 May 1873 
    HORSLEY, George (I938)
    239 mothers parents George and Margaret Herron (PR) HORSLEY, Ann (I47)
    240 named Heron Family F483
    241 No other entry in Hpool for this woman, Alice Meaburn is probably related, though later. MEABURN, Isable (I103)
    242 no other records in P.Reg. HORSLEY, Thomas (I275)
    243 no primary evidence for link with Lancelot, circumstantial only. HORSLEY, William (I107)
    244 not bapt in St Hilda's. HORSLEY, Mary (I1446)
    245 Not Hartlepool family HORSLEY, Robert (I133)
    246 not in 1881/91 census HORSLEY, Thomas (I362)
    247 not in 1881/91 census HORSLEY, John (I376)
    248 not in 1881/91 Durham census HORSLEY, Hunter (I973)
    249 not in 81 or 91 census Durham HORSLEY, Robert (I1381)
    250 not in household in 1841 or 51 census.. is she an in law? HORSLEY, Mary Pounder (I297)

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